Blockchain Design Network makes blockchain accessible for everyone

It is a community-led social innovation platform that brings real people’s ideas to life. Everyday people have brilliant ideas that can change the world but no way to make them tangible. Blockchain Design Network makes it possible by pairing innovators with designers and developers that can bring their ideas to life. Blockchain Design Network is essentially the mediator between social innovation and blockchain technology.

01 Submit your Idea!

If you have an idea of how Blockchain can change the world and create an impact in the area of Social Innovation, submit your genius idea today.

02 Get Approved!

We accurately pick new ideas to turn them into real products or services. If we think there is a strong potential. We publish this idea to get support and funding.

03 Get Funded!

You have the right to decide if you want your idea to be crowdfunded or you are looking for a co-founder.

04 Co-Create!

As an idea owner, you will be involved in all stages of the development process where you can influence the application of the blockchain technology for social innovation.

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